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Extreme Southern Sicily, the east corner of the biggest Mediterranean island, also known like “Val di Noto”. Here we find the Land of Eloro District, it includes the five south towns of the Province of Siracusa: Avola, Noto, Rosolini, Pachino and Portopalo.

The area covers about 760 km South of the Province of Syracuse, it is an unexplored areas full of archaeological ruins, a rich culture and natural beauty.
Ancient Origins, this area have a lot of old habitation, testimonial of human presence some centuries before first Greek colonization. The same colonization give the development from Athene, from Corinth to Sicily, Siracusa and all Magna Grecia.
All this becomes current in our traditional kitchen where a lot of recipes survive also mixed to the contemporary. Very strong traditions that in these places continue to survive. Like the dialect, a real language actually, “Il Siciliano”, recently with il “Napoletano” have been considered Immaterial Patrimony by Unesco, this 2 languages are still alive in the streets and in the houses of all the countries of the area.
You will find here an area with different landscape characteristics derived from the different agricultural coltures. In the hills wild aromatic herbs, carob, Ilici, wild olive (Oleaster or Agliastro) wild pears. Down in the valleys, Violet artichoke, zucchini, peppers, watermelon and yellow melon cantaloupe all of these cultures are produced following European Directives by a responsible use of the Land. Eloro District is an area with a very large number of Organic Farms. Here a list of more pop typical products:

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